Saturday, 26 January 2019


THE NEW PUBLICATION OF 'AS IT WAS - MY MUSINGS AND MEMORIES' is now available for purchase. The fault on the cover has been corrected and looks great and with the new publication it feels like a new beginning for me. In this book I tell about my experiences while growing up on a farm in Willow Trail, Alberta in the 1940's. There were many stories to tell since I had eight siblings and we got into many interesting and funny situations. Purchase of the book may be done on line as well as that of my three books for children. Check those out as well. Any child in the 3 to 5 year old range you may want to purchase a book for, "IF YOU SEE A FRIEND" introduces you to Shy Sally and Brave Beau and teaches about friendship. "THE SPOOK-AIDERS and GREEDY GUS", a book suitable for early readers - 6 to 10 years of age is about proper eating habits and having fun playing active games and getting good exercise while doing so. The Spook-Aiders have their fun part in the story. "GRANDMA SAWYER and THE SOAP BUBBLE SPACESHIP" is also suitable for ages 6 - 10 years. Meet Captain Zolton who treats the family to activities in the spaceship but also points out several damaged Planets while flying through Space and cautions that we have to take good care of our Planets since it is very difficult to fix one that has been damaged. Read about Zolton's family and the fun Grandma Sawyer and her six grandchildren experience on their stay with Captain Zolton and his family on Planet Harn.