Lucy Sidor has always told stories. She told her first stories to her younger siblings, but she didn't start writing her stories until her senior years when she enrolled in a writing class in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta.

Lucy has told her stories to her two daughters, two granddaughters and four grandsons. She was inspired to write her first book, If You See a Friend, after she heard a talk on bullying in schools and how perhaps if preschool children were taught to extend friendship and empathy to other children, no matter how different they were or where they lived, it may make a difference.

She has now written three books for children (her last two are books for kids aged 6-10), and a memoir of her life growing up in Alberta.

If you're interested in ordering multiple copies of her books, would like to book her to speak at your school or do a book signing, would like to carry her books or have any other questions or comments, you can email her at lucysidorbooks@gmail.com.